Positively 4th Street /Yummy Yummy Yummy live + Radio Hauraki Jingle on The Old tape comp cass. (Walking Monk, 1988).
Info purloined from the unofficial TL website. I have never seen or heard of this compilation.
Toy Love at The Cook: Double CD
A live recording (during our last tour) in Dunedin. TL did a number of 4 track recordings through the desk when we played. I obtained a copy a few years ago after stumbling across the unofficial TL site through which it was being sold.

The recording also appears on a bootleg TL DVD along with live footage and some of our promo videos.

It used to be notoriously difficult to obtain a decent 'live' recording, only one song of ours 'live' has made it on to any official works. Most of the time it was being recorded for our own purposes, and not seriously considered for release. Still, plenty of bands out there are happy to make available downloads of all sorts of material that may or may not have made it on to anything else. The consensus of the band is that there isn't much else floating about that we'd want to release.

With the digital age it's now possible to capture virtually anything and distribute it. - on the positive side the unofficial website and the material obtainable from it has helped to keep interest alive and inform the curious at a time when our recordings were long out of print.
Hate Your Neighbours CD Vol. 1
Sheep appears on this comp. of NZ punk rock. Issuing from Auckland there is no info apart from tracklisting and a PO Box address.

There are bound to be other bootlegs out there with TL material on them, but I haven't seen or heard of any.