Flying Nun Records, they have an impressive roster of NZ bands and released the CUTS CD. Chris and Alec's duo Tall Dwarfs are on FN too.
The Bats being Paul Kean, Kaye Woodward, Robert Scott and Malcolm Grant. As it says on the homepage: '1 line-up, 22 years, 6 albums, 4 world tours...' - check it out. With a link to Minisnap, the Bats' side project comprising Kaye, Paul, Malcolm and Marcus Winstanley.
The latest from comic artist Colin Wilson. His illustration graces the cover of the CUTS CD, and was originally part of a tour poster designed by him. It can be found in the posters section of the archives.
Where CUTS was remastered.
Great NZ indie label founded by Simon Grigg - includes history and complete discography for Propellor and his other label Furtive Records.
America's oldest indie label, founded by Greg Shawe in 1974. TL's Frogs appeared on Bomp Compilation Waves: Vol 2. (See discography section). Championing some of the best of punk, psychedelia, garage and psyche down the decades, there are musical gems here that would've been lost in the mists if it wasn't for Bomp. All releases still in print can be had by mail order!
NZ music site with artists, interviews, gigs, labels, reviews etc. A good resource if you're looking for info on perhaps more obscure NZ bands.
NZ music site: artists, charts, gigs, releases, discussion, downloads and more.
New Zealand music downloads and CDs plus videos.
The unofficial TL website.