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When Toy Love started out I was using one keyboard, an old DG-EKO electronic organ which Paul had owned for some years - and acquired a Jansen Combo amp to play through.
This was followed by the addition of a Hohner clavinet - the qualities of this instrument provided the contrast I was looking for when it came to keyboard parts in the TL songs. Washes of sound and poppy solos with the organ - and percussive mad rhythm playing with the clavinet. It occupied a similar frequency range to an electric guitar with it's 'real' strings, and I could get feedback out of it. It was a bitch to tune but I got that down pat after a few hundred gigs. The organ had to be tuned regularly too.
At some point Paul comandeered the Jansen combo to put the jazz pickup through on his custom-made bass. I then used a Holden Graphic (transistor) bass amp with a JBL 12" speaker duo cabinet.
I used to park the clavinet on top of the organ, on top of various bits of 4" x 2" wood and foam plastic. This dampened any inteference between the two nicely. A simple phaser effects pedal was also in active service.
When we went to Sydney I acquired 2 other organs. A Farfisa and a classic Vox. I ended up reverting to the EKO, it had more guts and was able to endure considerable amounts of punishment. I remember Paul getting enthusiastic when he was doing some overdub on the Vox whilst recording the album, which song it was I don't know, but he did manage to smash one of the keys. It made me realise how robust the EKO was
These days I have a vintage '80s SQ80 synth (from days in band Static).